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The internet is full of promises about fast and easy e-commerce. Point & click electronic storefronts are everywhere and sure, even the beginner can get a simple online catalog up and running. But if you are running a serious business you need a real e-commerce engine that can drive serious traffic and deliver serious profits to your bottom line. You need the Rhodium WebWeaver electronic commerce server.

The Rhodium WebWeaver system delivers results that no other e-commerce system can by virtue of its unique, highly integrated architecture, incredible flexibility and robust performance. As the engine that drives the recycling industry portal site RecycleNet, Rhodium WebWeaver is a proven performer. Delivering over 250,000 daily page views, thousands of emails and executing thousands more transactions on behalf of system subscribers, the Rhodium WebWeaver system facilitates the trade of over 170 recyclable goods between buyers and sellers all over the world.

Rhodium WebWeaver provides the on-line environment that allows buyers, sellers and traders of any product or service to meet and do business. Turn your website into an industry portal attracting both business subscribers and advertisers. Buy/sell/trade listings, email forums, trade directories, on-line catalogs including multiple product listings from different sources! shopping cart, credit processing and much more transform your website into an online world that will become the online starting point for your industry.

Put the Rhodium WebWeaver engine to work for your business. Let us show you how!

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